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National Law Institute University’s newest rock pillar- Centre for Labour Law(CLL) has been established in 2019. Although born in one of the most uncertain times mankind has ever seen, CLL is destined to grow as a bearer of light and empathy. The Centre is one of a kind and serves an embodiment of labour rights  for the brick bearers of the nation- our labourers. As one of its first initiatives the Centre celebrated the spirit of hardworking labour on 1st May, International Labour Day. The aim of CLL is collective, collaborative and consistent effort to seek justice and generate awareness, respect and empathy for the nation’s labour. From a sapling planted by the Centre’s beloved faculty incharge with the support of NLIU’s esteemed higher administration, State and Central Government of India, the Centre seeks to grow into a strong tree of hope and knowledge. We welcome you on this journey to contribute to a better and more equitable tomorrow.

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  1. Research Platform: To research on policy, institutional, legal and regulatory issues and act as a platform of exchanging ideas amongst Govt. authorities, lawyers, policymakers, regulators and academia.
  2. Expert Interaction: To invite members of regulatory authorities, government officials, professionals and academicians for conducting interactive sessions for students.
  3. Training and awareness: To spread awareness by providing training to members of trade unions and other stakeholders.
  4. Imparting Online Education: To offer online Post Graduate Diploma courses & Short Term Certificate courses via distance education in labour laws. 
  5. Networking Opportunity: To conduct panel discussions; round tables, seminars and conferences and collaborate with other organisations, institutions in academic and research matters.
  6. Academic Journal: To publish a nationally recognised journal for research projects on important issues concerning labour law.

Centre for Labour Laws, NLIU Bhopal

Constitution of the Centre:

Chairperson :- Asst. Prof. Mahendra Soni

Technical Advisor :- Asst. Prof. Ankur Rajput

Convenor :- Amar Tandon (Batch of 2021)

Co-Convenor :- Harshdeep Singh Bedi (Batch of 2021)

Secretary :- Pallavi Modi (Batch of 2021)

Treasurer:- Prasun Tiwari (Batch of 2021)

Mansi Mishra (Batch of 2022)
Diya Gupta (Batch of 2022)
Syed Saqib Ali (Batch of 2022)
Ishan Madaan (Batch of 2022)
Aadya Bansal (Batch of 2023)
Shadab Shah (Batch of 2023)
Devansh Malhotra (Batch of 2023)
Ravi Sharma (Batch of 2023)
Aura Pandey (Batch of 2023)
Vidhi Saxena (Batch of 2023)
Kapil Kumar Verma (Batch of 2023)
Vanshika Chansoria (Batch of 2024)
Tanya Agarwal (Batch of 2024)
Monish Raghuvanshi (Batch of 2024)
Anushree Chandra (Batch of 2024)
Utkarsh Pratap Singh (Batch of 2024)
Chitransh Bhansali (Batch of 2024)
Soumya Verma (Batch of 2024)
Ronak Doshi (Batch of 2024)
Rameshwar Manav (Batch of 2024)
Nishi Bhamkar (Batch of 2024)

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